Driveway restorations and patio repairs in Burnley

Whether it’s a damaged driveway or a tired patio, our restoration and repairs service will restore your surfaces to their former glory.


From chemical cleaning and power washing to re-sanding and levelling, our driveway specialists work tirelessly to produce outstanding results.

Breathe new life into your tired surfaces

We have one goal with our patio and driveway restoration service: to leave your driveway looking as good the day it was laid.

We don’t just do driveways and patios

As well as restoring patios and driveways we can also clean and restore walls and flagstones.


Why not have your entire garden restored? We can make your garden look as good as new by cleaning and levelling your driveway and washing and sealing your patio.


Does your driveway require a little TLC? Our cleaning service is just what you’re looking for.

We’ll take care of your damaged driveway, call now on 01282 619117